The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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We cannot conceive of the Infinite Potential.

We cannot conceive of the Infinite Potential. We cannot conceive of infinite distance, infinite time, infinite nothingness.

Consider for a moment how far a hundred million billion light years extends. Then consider that once we have traveled that far, we have truly gone nowhere in relation to the Infinite Potential.

Also, consider for a moment that if we count all the grains of sand in our physical universe, we have a number equal to zero in relation to the infinite number of grains of sand in the Infinite Potential.

Then consider the number of atoms contained in our physical universe. They are without number in our conception and yet together, like the grains of sand contained in our physical universe, their numbers equal zero in relation to the Infinite Potential.

A billion infinities equal zero within the Infinite Potential.

Lastly, consider that the Infinite Potential contains every conceivable possibility. For instance, it could contain a galaxy identical to ours except that the other galaxy contains one atom more than ours.

If we can conceive of the existence of a galaxy exactly like our galaxy except for one additional atom in that galaxy, then we will understand the equivalent of one atom as it relates to the total physical universe in attempting to conceive of the potential manifestations of the Infinite Potential.

It is very frightening to consider our finite physical insignificance in the totality of the Infinite Potential. That is why we as humans limit the boundaries of our universe and believe that an anthropomorphic God protects us from all that is beyond our individually defined realities.

The truth is that our souls (our spiritual essence) are immortal. Our physical sojourn in this time and place is insignificant, yet our immortality is not. Our immortality is infinite in time and space and at one with the Infinite Potential (God).

Everything has always existed in the Infinite Potential and so we have always existed. There is no beginning or end. How is it possible that we will not continue to exist? How can we die if we were never born?

Inner peace comes when we recognize that our true essence is our immortal, infinite, peaceful soul and not our transient body and mind.

Inner peace comes when our actions mirror the peace and harmony of the Infinite Potential (God) and not the transient, aggressive predatory nature of the earth.

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