The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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We each have a primal sexual drive that cannot be legislated or moralized away.
Women are not property.

The biological nature of human beings is that of two sexes. Virtually every creature on the earth is divided into male and female and to procreate they must come together.
Even though society encourages procreation in order to perpetuate itself,
it simultaneously attempts to control sexual relationships in order to promote social order.

Societies pass laws to try to eliminate the potential individual conflicts that result from sexual attraction. For instance, societies designate certain individuals as legally married and punish those who would interfere with that relationship. However, no law can put an end to the primal sexual drive which very often focuses outside the marriage.
Marriage is also a means whereby society attempts to distribute wealth
in an orderly manner. There are many logical reasons to have sexual laws. The majority of these laws relate to the elimination of chaos and conflict in a secular society.

However, the fact remains that sexual attraction is neither logical nor
intellectual. Sex between human beings is a highly emotionally charged biological
experience. Few humans come together simply to produce children.

Humans come together sexually as a result of emotional needs and biological drives. Sex is one of the strongest human impulses.

Sex has little to do with logic. When the attraction is great enough between humans, no potential sacrifice of status or power or the incurring of social prejudice or criminal punishment can deter it.

In addition, a person's sexual preference generally has little to do with his or her overall contributions to society. Creative men and women are both celibate and promiscuous, heterosexual, bi-sexual, homosexual and trans-sexual.

Further, a certain percentage of society has always been homosexual and that will never change. All the prejudice and legislation in the world will never end it. It is a need inherent in some individuals.

A certain percentage of society will always be polygamous. A person
may be legally married but extramarital affairs create a polygamous reality.

We need to stop trying to legislate the morality of sexual attraction with the exception of adult/child relationships and rape. No adult should be allowed to sexually influence a child or to sexually force themselves upon another.

Sexual attraction is emotional and biological and it can never be successfully legislated by social or religious institutions. We need to enact liberal laws that allow people who are attracted to each other to live the life that is congruent with their emotional needs.
When emotional needs are satisfied, an individual has a better chance of
achieving inner peace and harmony and, consequently, society has a better chance of increasing the level of peace between its members.

There is no sexual distinction in heaven, the spiritual realm, because it serves no purpose. Souls cannot create other souls. So there is no need for sex. There is no need for male and female.

Peace comes when we acknowledge that sex is a necessary aspect of continuing the human species. Therefore the drive to procreate is overwhelming on earth. It does not exists in the spiritual dimension. It is one of the reasons that souls incarnate. Sex is an aspect of human secular society that needs to be regulated in order to maintain the peace. But sex with regards to heaven is irrelevant. People who were married on earth will have no need to be married in heaven. In the spiritual realm, all souls are free standing independent beings without the ability to procreate. Who knows what a state of bliss between souls in heaven is like.

Inner peace comes in the knowing that it is all right to pursue our sexual preferences and no one in society can, in good conscience, judge another for satisfying his or her innate sexual needs which are a unique, indivisible, biological and emotional part of each and every one of us.

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