The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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& Dr John WorldPeace JD global advocate for peace and WorldPeace

There are three main controlling organizations/entities in every country in the world; religions, legal systems and political bureaucracies/government. The role of these entities is to maintain and increase the peace in the world human society. There is no federalist political governing body that has jurisdiction over all the nations of the world.

All religious bureaucracies are corrupt in that when there is a conflict between the teachings of the founding patriarch (there are no founding matriarchs) and a threat to the religious bureaucracy, the message of the founding patriarch is skewed in order to maintain the power and control of the religious bureaucracy. The truth is often paradoxical.

All legal systems are corrupt. All judges are corrupt. There is no justice. Only the perception of justice exists. No matter what the nature of the legal system, no matter under what political philosophy the legal system exists, the judges are well aware of how to skew justice. Judges are appointed or elected and therefore have an obligation to support their benefactors and associates. This is why there is no justice.

All governments are controlled by the human beings who have the most wealth within the country. No matter what the political philosophy, those at the top of the economic pyramid run the country either personally or through their strawmen/surrogates who are the elected or appointed or inheriting politicians/leaders/office holders. Justice in political policy is skewed to meet the dictates of the most wealthy and therefore most powerful in the country to the general detriment of the majority of the citizens of every country.

As long as this racial, religous, political reality exists, and it has always existed in the case of each of these entities since time immemorial, peace and WorldPeace are in jeopardy and thwarted.

DR JOHN WORLDPEACE JD is the only global peace advocate in the world human society. Dr WorldPeace is not biased or oriented toward any race, religion, nations or gender in the world human society but is an advocate for egalitarian democratic all inclusive justice for every human being.

Dr WorldPeace was born White but does not believe that White human beings are any better or worse than human beings of any other skin color. Dr WorldPeace was born in the racially segregated South of the United States and saw and experienced first hand the injustice of racial bias every day until the 1960's. Dr WorldPeace understands the racial prejudice that exists in virtually every country in the world.

Dr WorldPeace was baptized a Christian but belongs to no religious bureaucracy and does not seek to foist Christianity on any human being. Dr WorldPeace is a spiritual Christian not a religious Christian. Dr WorldPeace believes the foundation of WorldPeace is to Love One Another and to Treat Other human beings with respect and dignity regardless of race, religion, nationality or gender.

Dr WorldPeace has reinterpreted the major texts of all the major religions in the world. He has a good grasps on the foundations of these religions.

Dr WorldPeace was born male and believes that all females are second class citizens in the world human society and this is the greatest impediment to increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

Dr WorldPeace was born an American but does not believe that the American political system is best for all the people of all the countries of the world.

Dr WorldPeace has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Houston and ran for Governor of Texas, USA in 2002. As a result of Dr WorldPeace's peace advocacy, after the democratic primary in 2002, his law license to practice law was revoked in 2003, and he was illegally jailed for one year in 2008 due to the determinaton of his opponets to end his WorldPeace Advocacy.

Dr WorldPeace therefore has his Bona Fides as a peace advocate by way of his being a political prisoner. During his incarceration, Dr. WorldPeace wrote and read and produced a large body of work as have other jailed peace advocates.

Dr WorldPeace changed his name to John WorldPeace in April 1988, as an overt act of his commitment of his life to advocating peace and WorldPeace.

The one absolute fact of Dr WorldPeace Advocacy is his personal experiences since 1988 that people hate peace and they hate more those who advocate it. All one has to do is consider the lives of Gandi, Martin Luther King, Itzak Rabin, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, Baha U llah, Nelson Mandela and other peace advocates around the world who were assassinated or jailed or restrained for long terms for the peace Advocacy to verify the global hatred of human being of peace.

The core reason for the hatred is a refusal of the vast majority of human beings in the world human society to let go of their arrogance and elitism with regards to race, religions, nationality and gender and the corruption of bureaucratic religions, legal systems and political systems to accept a reduction in their power for the benefit of peace and WorldPeace and the uplifting of all human beings in the world human society.

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