The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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Nobody can tell the future.

The problem with prophesy is that anyone can list 10 things that will happen in the future and the chances are that one of them will happen. Just the law of averages.

However, that same person may next deliver to you a list of 100 things that allegedly will happen and none of them take place. Only the future will tell. When you get to the future you no longer need a prophesy.

That being said, the nature of this reality is that we write our own script. So if someone plugs a prophetic script into your head and you adopt it and focus on it, that focus may well bring about the event or act.

The Book of Revelation in the New Testament is a false prophesy. It was not spoken by Jesus or endorsed by Jesus. It has caused so much negative focus in the world human society. Radical preachers write books about the end times and the prophesy of the Book of Revelation for the sole purpose of boosting their egos and bank accounts at the expense of increasing the peace in the world human society.

The Book of Revelation has caused Christians to focus on a negative future and become apathetic toward increasing the peace in the world human socieity. They are willing to wait for Jesus to come and fix the mess that human beings in the Western world have created. They are waiting for a Jesus to return when Jesus said he is with us always. How can Jesus return if he never left.

Jesus said no one knows, not even himself, about the end times. There are always wars and rumers of wars There is always famine and disease and genocide in the world human society. But none of these on a truly global scale. All these things have occurred locally since the time the cavemen gathered in clans and created an'us vs. them' mentality.

Rip the Book of Revelation out of your Bibles and stay focused first on the red letter words of Jesus. Everything else is just commentary and most of that commentary has been skewed by the Catholic church for the purpose of increasing its power and influence.

If we focus on a coming distopia world human society, that will be our reality. If we make peace our priority, then WorldPeace will be our reality. We get what we focus on individually and as a group and as a world human society. That is a fact. That is the reality of Jesus' teaching. 'Ask and receive, seek and find, knock and enter'. We script our future individually and collectively.

Christians, and the rest of the world, need to quit focusing on doom and gloom scenarios for the future and focus on a more sane and just world human society. We need to quit considering any problem as unsolvable and find solutions which 7.5 billion human beings can do.

We focused on technology and computing and science and space and look what has happened.

It is time for us to focus on increasing the level of peace in the world human society and a more sane and just world human society. We need to write WorldPeace as one word. As it is written, so it will manifest.

Prophesy is a waste of time and energy. It is for the most part a false prophesy. It is an impediment to increasing the peace in the family and in the world human society. We cannot afford prophets to script a negative distopia future world human society.

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