The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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This is a book of metaphors. In the Infinite Potential there is are only dreamscapes. Our soul reside in a dreamscape that seems tangible and concrete, a physical world. Our language is logical and linear. It is for the most part one dimensional.

Logical linear language cannot begin to describe the intangible reality or the metaphysical reality. We cannot describe in logical linear language the spiritual dimension, heaven and hell, where there is no time, no space, no sex, no good or bad, no light or dark.

To describe the spiritual reality, I have to talk about it using logical linear metaphors. As an example, the sun is like a hot yellow ball. That language is a bridge to an understanding of what the sun is. But the sun is not a hot yellow ball.

When I say that relationships in the spiritual dimension are like human relationships on earth, that is just a metaphorical bridge. In a nutshell, good and bad spirits incarnate into flesh and bone bodies that can be used for any purpose; to do good or to do bad. Bad spirits that incarnate in a human body tend to do bad things; good spirits tend to do good and uplifting things. So if you want to know what the spiritual reality, heaven and hell, nirvana, etc are like, then look around and consider how humans interact. The world human society is nothing more that immortal infinite spirits interacting in a limited illusion of a physical environment.

Make no mistake, the earth reality is just one of infinite tangible and non tangible realities where immortal infinite spirits temporarily reside and interact. What ever dreamscape reality that can be conceived already exists. It is impossible to create something new because everything exists, has always existed and will always exist. This is one of the great mysteries to the limited human mind.

Heaven is not a place of perfect peace. The Christian Bible says there was a war in heaven between Satan and God. Therefore, it is undeniable that God did not make a perfect heaven. Returning to heaven is not a return to blissful peace. Everything exists and everything is in a constant state of flux in all aspects of the Infinite Potential. Change is absolute and change creates chaos that ripple through all dimensions.

That being said, when I say that the spiritual dimension is like the earth dimension in regards to the spirits (who exist in the spiritual dimension in a very thin mist or energy physical form and in a much denser physical form on earth), I mean acts of human beings on earth are reflected by spiritual beings, disincarnate beings, likewise in heaven and hell; As Above, so Below, as in Heaven and Hell, so are manifestations reflected in the earthly dreamscape.

In the spiritual dimension, there is no death. If there is no death and if spirits live forever, then one spirit cannot harm another spirit. They can only cause temporary grief and irritation. So there is no need for laws. There is no need for punishment. If you don't like a particular spirit then go somewhere else and reside. Create a dreamscape without that spirit.

This cosmological model is way too simplistic. But it is a bridge to a greater awareness of the spiritual dimension by human beings who are locked temporarily in a dynamic ever changing dreamscape that appears tangible. So what I am saying is not to be taken literally. The sun is really nothing like a hot yellow ball. And the spiritual reality is really nothing like life on earth. I am speaking in metaphors in an attempt to describe a spiritual dimension that can never be consciously understood in this reality due to the limitatios of consciousness of the human body and mind. There can only be a general knowing of how the spiritual realm is. There is no adequate logical linear explanation.

Science cannot measure what is not tangible so it discounts the entire intangible reality. This is why the great knowledge of science, which denies the intangible reality simply because we are too primitive and ignorant to measure the intangible, is really the great ignorance of science. When science acknowldges that there are infinite dimensions that it cannot yet measure, science must make room for spirituality which theorizes about this intangible dimensions of the Infinite Potential.

It is within the Infinite Potention that the dimemsions of our earthly dreamscape reside. The Infinite Potential impacts on the earthly dreamscape. The Infinite Potential is the foundation of the earthly dreamscape. Drawing upon the Infinite Potential human beings can manipulate this earthly dreamscape and increase the level of peace in the world human society. Anyone who has ever prayed, believes this.

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