The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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There is only one God, who manifests under many different religious names and faces. No matter how great our conscious knowledge and understanding, God is beyond our most all encompasing conception.

Somewhere between the finite reality which we perceive and Infinity is the boundary of the Personal God's realm. We allow our minds to travel as far toward Infinity as we can, which is nowhere at all, and then we define everything beyond the boundary of that which we can understand and conceive as God's outer realm.

It seems to us that few happenings in our universe are totally spontaneous or coincidental. Laws of cause and effect create the tangible and intangible realities. God is the totality of all the unknown common denominators of cause and effect acting on the tangible and intangible essences.

The Infinite God can be defined as everything that we do no understand. For example, when we did not understand the nature of bacteria, we thought people became sick and sometimes died because it was God's will. We now know that the cause of disease is, in many cases, bacteria and we act in a manner that will eliminate or control the germs. We no longer attribute the resulting illness to God.

When we did not understand the paths of the moon, the planets and the stars, we drew a picture of the universe with humanity at the center. The stars were just a canopy above the earth. We now know that starry canopy is infinite and that heaven is not a particular place. We now realize that some of those stars are really galaxies of billions of stars and maybe even universes.

Scientists believe they will soon formulate a unified theory of the physical universe. However, they have not even begun to theorize about the Infinite void into which our universe is expanding. They cannot even begin to conceive of what it is that envelopes the entire physical universe. They do acknowledge that 80% of the Universe is dark energy and cannot be seen or measured.

As we move forward in time, we bring into consciousness more and more knowledge regarding our reality. Consequently, that which was once attributed to God becomes knowledge and understanding and that knowledge and understanding pushes back the boundary of that which we do not know or understand and continue to define as God's exclusive realm.

Our knowledge and understanding continue to expand but the Infinite
Potential does not shrink with this knowledge. The mysteries of the Infinite Potential are infinite. God will always be that which is beyond our knowledge and understanding. Therefore, there will always be a concept of God, regardless of the name we call God, no matter how great our knowledge and understanding.

Inner peace comes when we stop using God as a justification to perpetuate prejudice and disharmony among ourselves.

Inner peace comes in acknowledging that the Infinite Potential (God) is one. That the Infinite Potential is beyond our conception, yet undeniably we are at one within It.

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