The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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We are infinite, immortal spiritual travelers of times, places and dimensions.

You are conscious of here and now because, more than anything else, that is our desire. Your inner being wanted to experience this time and place; so experience it. You have come here with a purpose and you are fulfilling that purpose.

When we consider that we are immortal in our being and only temporarily consciously residing in this reality, everything comes into perspective such that our immortality reduces the transient events of this short life into nothing more than interesting encounters and happenings.

In light of the infinite variety of the Infinite Potential, where there is at times only a grain-of-sand difference in universes, consider that all of those in your reality are here because you have accepted them into your reality and they have accepted you into their reality.

The experiences that your brothers and sisters bring to you are experiences that you desire; even though they are sometimes unpleasant or even deadly to you or to those you consider kin and friend.

Society has many rules that define acceptable behavior within it. Certain behavior is rewarded and certain behavior is punished in the world human society. Trespassers will
be punished according to the laws of each society. But this should never blind us to the immortality of the souls who play the human roles that society condemns.

Within the Infinity of God, we are each unique infinite, immortal travelers of times, places and dimensions. So it has always been; so it will always be. There is no beginning and no end. Everything and non thing has always existed.

We are each at one with God and therefore, we are each as we should be. We are each as we wish to be. If that were not so, we would not be here.

You can rest. You can sleep. But your spirit (soul) can never cease to exist.

Inner peace comes in knowing that everything is as it should be.

Inner peace comes in knowing that the universe and our immortal souls
are unfolding exactly as they should.

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