The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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How can we manifest peace on earth if we do not include everyone (all races, all religions, all nationalities, all genders) in our vision of peace?

The answer is that we cannot.

A bureaucratic (religious) Christian peace cannot manifest WorldPeace.

A White (race) peace cannot manifest WorldPeace.

An American (political) peace cannot manifest WorldPeace.

A male peace will never manifest WorldPeace.

Religious, Race, National, Gender definitions are elitist exclusionary mindsets.

WorldPeace is all inclusive and democratic. WorldPeace demands a global peace of human beings by not distinguishing human beings by Race, Religion, Nationality or Gender. We must see each other as human beings first.

This is the greatest impediment to peace and WorldPeace, the fact that people refuse to release their determination that their race, religion, nationality, gender makes them more or better than someone who is not a member of their race, religion, nationality, gender.

Human beings hate peace and more especially they hate those who advocate a peace that requires them to lay down their prejudices and arrogance in regards to race, religion, nationality and gender.

It is impossible to demonize and discount other human beings and subject them to all sorts of abuse unless you first distinguish others by race, religion, nationality or gender.

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