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The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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It is best to consider the human body nothing more than a vehicle. It is nothing more than a modern automobile metaphorically speaking. The difference of course is that the human body is biological and an automobile is not.

Without a driver an automobile is dead. Without a spirit incarnate in a human body, the human body is dead. But a dead human body decays much faster than an automobile.

There have been all sorts of societies that have had varying success at mummification. Some cars are parked in garages and some are parked in the weather. The ones parked in garages last longer.

Genetics is about the blueprint and modification of the human body. Almost the entire discussion about human genetics loses it emotional charge when one considers the human body as just a piece of meat, blood and bone. It is a biological machine in a sense.

Manipulating a human being, or using the parts and pieces of a human body to learn how to manipulate and heal and make whole the human body is just a very high tech job that can easily be compared to fixing and even building better automobiles year after year.

There needs to be a distinction between God building a human body, and God creating an immortal infinite spirit. Human beings cannot create a spirit. Even spirits cannot create other spirits.

The concern that we are playing God as we manipulate the human body through genetics is valid. But no different than when we create medicines to heal the body. If religion endorses the creation of medicines, then religion should not object to genetic manipulation to also heal the human body. The both are just medical cures.

This entire discussion about genetic research shows how disoriented and confused that human beings are in this reality. There is too much emphasis placed on a mortal finite human body that is programmed to die in about eighty years. After death, the body turns to dust. It is the infinite immortal spirit that survives.

The spirit exits the human body and then death comes to the human body. The immortal spirit is what life is all about; an immortal spirit residing within a human body. Virtually all religionist and spiritualist believe that all living things are inhabited by a spirit.

When we start placing too much emphasis on the human body and materialism we have become confused in the manifestations of the tangible universe and have lost sight of the fact that the immortal infinite human inhabiting spirit is all that is really important in life.

This discussion also touches on the alleged conflict between religion and science. Science is only concerned with the manipulation of the tangible universe. What science can't measure, science dismisses.

Religion is concerned with the spiritual dimension. Every living thing in this reality is mortal and finite and animated by a spirit (soul).

There is no conflict between religion and science in any meaningful way. Science is about living bodies. Religion is about immortal spirits. Science is also about the mechanics of the tangible universe. Religion just says God made it all; or that everything manifested from the Infinite Potential (God). Religion and spirituality deals with all the things that science cannot measure.

What is interesting is that if God made it all, then God has already planned the evolution of the universe and God knows what is coming. God does not exist in the past or future. God only exists in the now and the now includes the past, present and the future.

The nature of the tangible universe is one of evolution. Everything that is born dies. And what is born is not an exact clone of what came before. Science through genetics is speeding up evolution. So what. God does not have a restriction as to how fast the universe and each of its parts evolves.

Peace comes when we realize that the manipulation of the human body through genetics is no different that the creation of medicines to heal the human body or to prolong life or to increase the quality of life.
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