The Book of WorldPeace
by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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All human beings are mortal and are born with an absolute termination.

As the human body ages, it deteriorates with the eventual loss of sight, hearing, taste, smell as well as the lost of the strength of the body and in time the ability to think clearly.

If one lives long enough one loses any sense of a quality of life and generally becomes a burden on family and friends if not the government. There comes a time when euthansia becomes a relevant decision and viable alternative.

Religions are against euthansia because they want to retain their power by increasing the fear of death. Death is nothing to be feared. If anything, the fearful part of life is being born.

The body is just a vehicle for the soul. When anything we have loses its usefulness we discard it. When the soul can no longer function in a human body or if the body is in constant pain due to its deterioration then the soul has a right to exit. And this is what the soul always does over time.

The question is whether a soul has the right to commit suicide on the body. There is no doubt but this is within the right of every soul.

The problem comes when the soul does not want to die alone or cannot bring itself to destroy its body. Yet there is no desire to live due to incapacity or simply pain. So the core question is whether secular society will allow these souls to have assistance in dying.

It seems that there are many circumstances where a soul should be allowed assistence in leaving life the same way assistance was needed in being born. It may be that a person would like to die with his family present as opposed to dying in an old age home. It would make sense for a soul to want to have family present when it releases itself from neverending pain.

Euthansia should not be endorsed lightly. There are all kinds of tests that could be carried out by doctors and lawyers and psychologists and religionists and spiritualist to make sure that a person is really ready to leave this reality.

Peace comes when we do not force human beings to live in pain or continue to be a burden to friends, family and society in general. A soul has a right to die. The soul should have the right to an assisted suicide. A right to exit its body with dignity.

Again it is important to understand that all human beings die. Also, souls cannot die. Therefore the death of a human being is a matter of timing and nothing else.
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