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by John WorldPeace



The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD

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The overwhelming majority of human beings believe they have a spirit. And that spirit is connected to their human body.

There is a spiritual dimension to this reality and that spiritual dimension is tangible but barely so. Whereas the human body appears to be solid, the spiritual body appears to be less than a wisp of smoke. There is no doubt but at conception the spirit connects with the human body. It seems logical that this metaphysical connection is probably located in the human brain but there is probably a second significant connection with the heart.

When the spirit connects with the human body, it begins to program the human body with the memories and skills that it needs to accomplish its goals in the coming human life. There is no time distinction in the spiritual realm and so the spirit can draw from both past lives and future lives as it programs its human vehicle. This is difficult for a logical linear mindset to comprehend.

In this earthly dimension one thing follows the other in time. And so it is impossible for a logical linear human mind to comprehend that the future may coexist in the same time frame as the past and the present; to consider that within the now exists the past and the future.

In time, science will find the specific connection point where the spirit attaches to the human body or mind.

Abortion is a choice by the mother of the embryo to terminate the pregnancy. What she is terminating is the human body, the embryo and not the spirit. The spirit is immortal and infinite and cannot die because it was never born. So to abort an embryo changes the dynamics of what would have happened if the attached spirit was born to the mother but it will really change nothing in the universe.

The mother has a choice to abort or not to abort the embryo. That choice will move the future for the spirit of the mother and the embryo to an alternative future path. But in the Infinite Potential both paths coexist. So both the spirit of the mother and the embryo continue on down multiple paths as do all souls. However the spirit choses which path it will be conscious of. So in other words, both futures exist but the spirit will only be conscious of one by choice.

Abortion in the human realm carries with it a lot of emotional chaos, particularly for the mother. And the spirit is also affected. However an infinite immortal spirit can chose to be conscious of the non abortion path and the mother can choose to be conscious of the abortion path to the future. This is the result of the infinite capacity of the Infinite Potential and the merging of all pasts and futures into the now.

This is a very difficult if not impossible concept for a human beings to accept if that human being is confused in the tangible universe and therefore locked into a mindset that the spiritual dimension also functions on a logical linear cosmology. It does not. There is no time, no space, no duality in the spiritual dimension.

The only way to deal with this is for the human to know that the way things are are in the spiritual dimension are not the same way they are in the earthly dimension and leave it at that. The only way to experience the spiritual dimension and know the truth of this is for the spirit to disconnect from its human host. But why do that. Just because the human being is not conscious of or able to remember the details of his spiritual existence his logic should assume that he already knows what the spiritual reality is like. And therefore just live out one's life and in a very short time return by natural processes to the spirit world.

Life is very short for the human body. All human bodies die. The difference to infinity of death after a month as a fetus and death after a lifetime of one hundred years is truly insignificant. I do not advocate abortion because in a secular society it has criminal and social repercusssions. But from the spiritual perspective abortion is meaningless and is a timing issue only. All human beings die. Abortion does not effect the life of an infinite immortal spirit except marginally. No different than intending a trip to New York and instead going to California.

The LEGAL downside regarding abortion is that laws are past all over the world that make abortion illegal. The problem is that almost never are these laws coupled with a welfare bill. In other words, if the lawmaking body decides that all children, even though not wanted by the mother or father, must be born and at the same time refuse to create a state fund to support these children, the law seem draconian.

Also, anyone who is not willing to take an unborn child that would be aborted should have no say at all with regards to the abortion issue. This means that anyone who is not willing to adopt one of these unborn children should not be allowed to vote on any anti abortion bill.

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