The Book of WorldPeace
by Dr John WorldPeace JD


This is the only Peace and WorldPeace Book in existence that is global in its orientation. All other Peace books are limited to some local religion, political, racial, gender issue. This is the only Peace book that provides a super structure regarding increasing the peace in the world human society that defines the core global issue of every local peace issue. There is only one global peace advocate; myself, Dr. John WorldPeace JD. For example, there are local peace advocates who discus gender equality but it is only within their nation or their religion or even their race. They do not speak to the issue regarding all nations, all races, all religions. They do not get into the the fact that there is no sex in heaven, which is the infinite immortal reality, and therefore marginalizes the gender issue impacting for a very brief mortal finite incarnation in a human body on the earth. This fracturing and disconnected micro focusing on peace issues cannot penetrate into the foundational issues that must be addressed if a significant increase in the level of peace in the world human society is to be achieved. Any local peace issue that cannot be embraced by the entire world human society is not going to make much progress toward increasing the level of peace in the world human society. All peace efforts are worthy no matter how marginal. A thousand micro peace issues in the world that do not anchor into a global peace paradigm are missing a significant path to WorldPeace; and then from WorldPeace back to increasing the local manifestations of increasing the peace in all the other local issues.

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The Book of WorldPeace

A conversation about increasing the level of peace in the world human society.

by Dr John WorldPeace JD
Copyright 1988-2016 by Dr John WorldPeace JD All Rights Reserved

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THE CORE FOUNDATION of peace within the world human society is the acknowledgment that each human being has an incarnate spirit that animates it. Without an incarnate spirit, the human body is just meat and blood and bone unable to function. When the spirit becomes confused in what it perceives through the human body filter, the manifestations of this tangible reality this earthly dreamscape, it begins to think that the human body is the true reality and the spiritual dimension is irrelevant or insignificant.

When this happens, chaos and disharmony possesses that human being and chaos permeates and ripples throughout the entire world human society. This book is focused on bringing clarity to human beings who have become confused and lost in this tangible dimension, this dreamscape, this earth reality, by believing that a mortal finite human body is the true reality as opposed to the infinite immortal spirit which resides within the human body. The result of this confusion in a human being is a reality, dreamscape, that exists in less than the highest possible level of peace within the world human society.

What is finite is less than what is infinite. What is mortal is less than what is immortal. Therefore, we must focus on the infinite immortal spirit and its source the Infinite Potential and not the finite mortal human body residing within the ever changing earth and universal dreamscapes.

No human being is ever going to find peace in this earth dreamscape as long as he or she ignores the reality that religion is a human created bureaucracy which must be subordinated to the more global spiritual, humans speaking directly to God, truth. Religion, being a man made bureaucracy with organizational doctrine and dogma, is significantly flawed with the same human embeded flaws that exists in every other human organization.

All religions are just as power oriented and potentially human controlling as any government entity on any level in the world human society.

The truth, is residing within every human body, as its infinite immortal spirit.

Significant peace will come to any human being who learns to distinguish the doctrine and dogma of any religion as a secular determination to increase its power and control in the world human society as opposed to the truth of a God who resides in a spiritual realm that is devoid of this earthly dreamscape which is primal in its predatory nature, and intense in its sexual aspects of human beings necessary for the preservation of the human race: not to mention the lack of a time, space, duality that permeates the earth dreamscape.

In a word, there can be no punishment in a heaven where sex is not a dimenstional aspect of heaven. Adultery in heaven does not exist because every infinite immortal spirit is freestanding and neither male or female. Each infinite immortal spirit was never born and will never die, but always existed. This is a great mystery to the human body and mind that is limited in its perception. Infinite Immortal spirits cannot create infinite immortal spirits so sex is irrelevant in the spiritual dreamscape. Sex related punishments are secular in nature and only a dimensions of the earth dreamscape not the spiritual dreamscape.

Negative actions in the spiritual dreamscape are significantly different than negative actions in the earthly dreamscape.

The Book of WorldPeace - Table of Contents Page


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